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Asylum Labs #STFU Preworkout Lethal Lime 30 Servings

Asylum Labs #STFU Preworkout Lethal Lime 30 Servings

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Tap into your Crazy.

Psychophysical Preworkout

#STFU takes a 2-step approach in priming both your mind and
your body for the impending neuro-muscular warfare that
each workout demands.To achieve this, the #STFU formula is
broken down into two subsequent categories, that when
fused, allow the user to tap into a mental state that is
relentless, focussed and aggressive towards the goal. This is
achieved whilst ensuring the body is primed for skin-splitting
pumps, through maximizing blood-flow pathways and


Psycho: Psychological stimulants such as Caffeine,
Methyl-S1, Tyrosine and Methyl Tyramine will wire up your
mind and drive your desire. This is critical in ensuring your
mental threshold is heightened, for both pain and gain.


Physical: Nutraceuticals including but not limited to
Agmatine Sulfate, Beta Alanine and Citrulline are included to
improve peak-performance by ensuring the body’s muscular
system is receptive to extra blood-flow, hydration and
nutrients, whilst maximising ATP stores and minimizing lactic
acid build up. 



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