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Allmax Nutrition Muscleprime Preworkout 30 Serves White Raspberry

Allmax Nutrition

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Cover all your Pre-workout bases !

100% Creatine and Sodium Free  The Muscleprime formula is radically different than every other pre-workout formula on the market. To start with, there is No Creatine. This lets you cycle Creatine when you want to, or head into pre-contest without it altogether. Muscleprime is 100% Sodium Free making it an ideal pre-competition supplement. No bloating, no water retention; just clean, exceptionally delicious, pre-workout firepower.

Stacked with 4G of BCAAs  4 g (4,000 mg) BCAAs is in every serving with a research-backed 45:30:25 ratio. BCAAs have been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis, act as an energy source for muscles and help prevent muscle breakdown.

1,000 mg of N.O. Producing Citrulline Malate  Citrulline Malate is a key factor in raising blood Arginine levels within the body and is an important factor in the production of Nitric Oxide. Citrulline Malate has been shown in research to relieve fatigue and increase blood flow.

Effective Workout Stimulation  The unique SYN·OCT stimulant blend in Muscleprime is designed to bring focus and energy to your workout, activate fat burning and increase your intensity in the gym. Our exclusive SYN·OCT blend of Caffeine, Synephrine and Octopamine is an effective stimulant to power your workout without putting your adrenal glands into overdrive.

Serious Pump Support  Ginseng, Ginkgo, Cordyceps, Hawthorne, Niacin and Pyridoxine HCl have been included as blood volume support ingredients to act as co-factors in the generation of blood vessel dilation.

Muscular Endurance Support  CarnoSyn 100% Pure Beta-Alanine in Muscleprime promotes greater concentrations of muscle Carnosine resulting in increases in strength, power and muscle mass. Beta-Alanine has been reported to increase anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance and delays the onset of fatigue letting you train with greater intensity and duration.

The Perfect Workout Stack: Make Every Workout The Ultimate Workout!

Take Muscleprime before your workout, Carbion+ during training and then take Hexapro or Isoflex within 30 minutes after training.


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