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Arnold Iron Whey Protein 5LB/2.27KG Vanilla

Musclepharm Arnold Series

  • $9490

Fuel up, with Arnold's Iron Whey !

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Whey packs 22 g of high quality Whey protein in each and every serving. Arnold and the team at MusclePharm know that proteins are essential, and they have devised a high quality protein supplement that provides you with a large quantity of amino acids which are imperative for the body. The Arnold Series Iron Whey is formulated around a higher protein percentage in order to enhance the levels of nitrogen retention, because a muscle can only grow when the body retains higher levels of nitrogen, and a really effective source of nitrogen is Whey protein. So in order to achieve muscular development, follow in the footsteps of Arnold, and supplementation with Iron Whey will shuttle a high level of anabolic amino acids into your bloodstream, with the resultant spike creating an environment rich in nitrogen and therefore allows optimal protein synthesis. The Iron Whey is a high quality and great tasting product that mixes incredibly well and is absorbed by the body rapidly.

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