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BPi 1.M.R Preworkout 30 Serves Snow Cone Flavour


  • $6290


The new 1.M.R. by BPI Sports will raise your energy levels through the roof so you can power through anything. Think full-steam-ahead, jumping from one set to another, keeping you eager to train rep after exhaustive rep. Thanks to an extreme combination of performance-enhancing ingredients including GBB-EEC, 1.M.R helps you maximize strength gains and athletic endurance to help you get a lean, hard physique.


BPI Sports 1.M.R. Key Benefits

  • Increased Energy and Endurance
  • Extreme Focus and Mental Clarity
  • Increased Strength and Performance
  • Increased Fat Oxidation
  • Increased Recovery Time

This powerful new 1MR pre-workout formula gets you in the precise zone for next level results, working out with purpose and direction every time. With CHP-Choline and GABA, you’ll be dialed in from the very first rep with tunnel-like vision and unrivaled focus.



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