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Driven Sports Activate Xtreme Testosterone Booster 120 Caps

Driven Sports

  • $7990

Powerful Anabolic Catalyst

Driven Sports Activate Xtreme is designed to not only increase testosterone but also to provide total testosterone enhancement, adaptogenic support, estrogenic control, and maintain healthy mood. Utilizing Driven Sports Extended Release Technology you will feel the effects all day long, furnishing your body with the ideal anabolic environment for building mass. Driven Sports as a brand is one whose hallmarks are innovation, scientific research and a product range that provides demonstrable results for all athletes.

Activate Xtreme was introduced by DS several years ago and over the years the formula has evolved to take advantage of new scientific research. Activate Xtreme focuses on four key areas to deliver benefits for users:

1. Increasing natural testosterone levels which is associated with better strength and mass gains

2. Ensuring that sex hormone binding globulin, something that can block the actions of high testosterone levels is addressed. Activate Xtreme contains ingredients that ensure that total FREE testosterone levels increase ensuring users get the benefits of high testosterone.

3. Estrogen control is essential as high testosterone levels can cause a conversion to estrogen which can have deleterious effects. Activate Xtreme ensures that estrogen is controlled so that you get the benefits of high testosterone without any side effects.

4. Increased growth hormone levels resulting in improved lean body mass and less bodyfat. In this respect, Activate Xtreme goes beyond what a standard test booster would be capable of.

Overall, Activate Xtreme is ideally used either by itself or as part of a stack with Driven Sports Triazole which can further potentiate the effects users get from each.

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